Providing assistance

as interim project managers, facilitators and change agents, especially when additional resources and impartial new perspectives are required. Assignments of this nature have typically included both working within and between organisations in the introduction of new strategies, structures, systems and in the forging of new partnerships.

Conducting reviews of initiatives, processes and organisations for national agencies, Government Departments and for individual institutions. This can range from simple monitoring of local and internal operations through to more complex and major high level 'quinquenial' evaluations of performance against mission, targets and potential.

Gathering evidence in support of client initiatives. Typically this has included the preparation of market research, case studies, the drawing up of performance specifications and collection of information from stakeholders and interested parties in connection with national enquiries.

Feasibility studies. Gathering evidence and exploring options on alternatives to demonstrate potential for new developments often including benchmarking and the cultivation of ownership and 'buy-in' from people upon which the development will be dependant.

Providing assistance in the preparation of bids for grants and other special funding initiatives.

Whatever that assignment, clients are always assured that our contribution is - high quality, - in safe hands, - is respectful of their knowledge and experience and adds value, - made by consultants with substantial personal experience and - is good value for money.